Top 10 Best Universities In Cyprus 2021

Cyprus is one of the emerging destinations suitable for studying abroad, with plenty of the best universities in Cyprus for international students to choose from. If you don’t already know, Cyprus is home to well educated people and it is recorded that at least Cypriot citizens at the age of 30 – 35 years had attended college, as well as the government investing 6% of it’s GDP on the nation’s education sector.

Convinced now? Keep reading to discover the top 10 best universities in Cyprus for international students.

Best Universities in Cyprus For International Students

Below are the highly ranked top 10 best universities in Cyprus for international students

1. University of Cyprus

Ranked as the top on the list of best universities in Cyprus, University of Cyprus established in 1989, is a public research university with a rich history and highly renowned academic reputation in Cyprus. Its facilities are of high quality and offers a wide range of academic resources, including a library that houses a massive volume of books which is over hundreds of thousands and electronic media.


University of Cyprus focuses majorly on developing its research facilities and projects, allowing students to undertake a wide range of programs that matches their interests. The university has also been able to provide notable alumni over the years as a result of the top-notch education it provides to student.

2. Eastern Mediterranean University

The Eastern Mediterranean University is located in Northern Cyprus, Gazimagusa. It was founded in 1979 and is a part of the best universities in Cyprus. As a highly renowned university in Cyprus, it offers over a hundred Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees for students to choose from.

Majority of the courses here are taught in Turkish and English, while the faculties provides numerous educational subjects and up-to-date curriculum, from Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) field to arts.

3. University of Nicosia

Founded in 1980 and located in the Nicosia, the University of Nicosia is renowned not just as one of the best universities in Cyprus but also as the largest university in the entire nation. The major field of focus in the university are economics, business, and management. But as top university in Cyprus, it also offers programs in the fields such as medicine, engineering, social sciences, and law.

In addition, the university also offer a new course for graduate : Master of Digital Currency, which would definitely be a good choice for many students out there.

4. European University Cyprus

The European University Cyprus which was established in 1961 is the oldest university that ever existed in the country. It boast a number of 60000 students in Nicosia and offers a wide range of courses in both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.
Graduate courses here are more practical oriented, and the students usually practice their professions in the field of high-tech innovation and latest technology.

5. Cyprus University of Technology

From it’s name, you should be able to tell that this University specializes in providing students with knowledge in the field of science, including technology, engineering, health sciences, and geotechnical sciences and environmental management. In addition, the Cyprus University of Technology has numerous partnership with other institutions and companies around the world with its active projects, making the university the perfect choice of study for majority of international students.


6. The Cyprus Institute

The Cyprus Institute is a newly established institution in Cyprus, founded in 2005, and it is just among the few best universities in Cyprus that specializes in providing quality and unmatched education in the fields of science and technology

This institution is a non-profit research institution that strongly focus on developing quality research centers that tackles the world’s problems, all while being able to produce competent, reliable, and renowned leaders in the fields of science and technology.

7. Neapolis University Paphos

The Neapolis University Paphos is ranked as one of the best universities in Cyprus for international students. Established recently in the year 2007, it is renowned for offering courses in the fields of business, law x economics, health sciences, theology, and many specialized courses at graduate levels.

Neapolis University Paphos is one of the very few private institutions with high education standards that provides programs and facilities that are up-to-date and reliable for top-notch education.

8. University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus

The University of Central Lancashire is originally a British institution that has a branch in Cyprus. It’s first campus was originally established in 1828 and thus expanded to different regions around the world. One of which is located in Cyprus and it is known to be the only private British institution in Cyprus.

With it’s global reputation, the University of Central Lancashire is considered one of the best universities in Cyprus, and it is a good choice for international students around the globe seeking a globally recognized university.

9. Frederick University

Known to be one of the first private universities to be established in Cyprus, Frederick University provides students with numerous course options in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and arts. The university offers both undergraduate and post-graduate programs for students to choose from. Likewise, interesting courses such as maritime and oil & gas programs.

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10. Girne Amerikan Universitesi

The Girne Amerikan Universitesi was established in 1985 with it’s programs taught in American-style higher education. Located in Kyrenia, North Cyprus, the University boast a large faculty that specializes in the fields of engineering, design, architecture, education, communication, and many other top courses.

Girne Amerikan Universitesi has more than one research center, including partnerships with numerous international academic organizations.

Whenever you’ve made up your mind to study abroad in Cyprus, opting for any of the above top 10 best universities im Cyprus for international students will be the right decision to make.

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