5 Best Student Cities In France

If you wish to study in France, there are so many best student cities in France that will make your stay in the country worthwhile. These best student cities in France are also one of the key reasons why France is considered one of the best study abroad destinations for international students.

France is blessed with different renowned universities globally and some of the best cities in the world that are perfect for education.

Best Student Cities In France

Below are the top-ranked best student cities in France

1. Paris

Paris - Best student cities in France

If you ever dreamt of studying in France at any point in time, it is obvious that Paris is your desired study city in the country. Well, there is no doubt about that. Paris, recognized as the “City of Love” and the “Fashion Capital of the World” is the most visited tourist destination in the world and has countless times ranked as the best student city in the world according to QS Best Student Cities ranking.

Paris boasts of many attractions. The endless boulevards, cafe’s culture, and the famous museums which are free to students. The city also has the most student population in France who have fallen in love with the Parisian lifestyle.

And for academics, the city of Paris also has some of the world best universities. Some of these universities are ranked in the top 115 best universities in the world ranking.

  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • HEC Paris
  • Paris Sorbonne University
  • Ecole Normale Superieure
  • ESCP Business School

Although the city of Paris is ranked first on the list of best student cities in France, it comes with additional cost. The cost of living in Paris is € 1,580 a month which is by far higher than the overall average cost of living in France, but you are guaranteed the adventurous, dynamic, exotic, and best years of your student life if you decide to study in Paris.

2. Lyon


Lyon is another best student city in France that attracts hordes of international students. Known as the “Capital of Lights”, the city is located closer to the French Alps on the French border with Italy and Switzerland and is the third-largest city in France. Though not as large as Paris, Lyon boasts 120,000 students, France’s largest urban park, and 100 street murals.

For students who are food lovers, Lyon is known as France’s capital of gastronomy, which is the art of cooking, choosing, and eating good food. Therefore, as the Culinary Capital of the city, there is no better city to seek authentic French cuisine than Lyon.

In addition, apart from the food and art history of the city, you can also find some of the best universities in the world in Lyon. Below are some of the highly ranked universities in Lyon

  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon
  • École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
  • Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA)

In terms of affordability, the living cost of staying at Lyon is cheaper than that of Paris and students end up spending up to € 1,200 a month on living expenses in Lyon.

3. Toulouse


Though not as popular as Paris and Lyon, the city of Toulouse boasts some of the finest universities in France that date weigh back to the 13th century. What makes Toulouse an attractive city to study abroad in is its year-round pleasant weather due to the city’s location in the southern part of France.

Another major reason why a lot of international students choose Toulouse as one of the best student cities in France is its flourishing aerospace industry, which powers the Airbus factory, the main centre of all things related to aviation and spotlight. But universities in Toulouse also offer a wide range of different courses that span across different fields. So, students who wish to study in Toulouse can choose one of the below globally ranked universities in the city.

  • Université Toulouse 1, Capitole
  • Université Toulouse II, Le Mirail

In addition, the cost of living in Toulouse is more pocket friendly than other best student cities in France like Paris and Lyon. Students can live a comfortable life in the city by spending up to € 1,000 a month on living expenses.

4. Grenoble


Another best student city in France worthy of mentioning is Grenoble. The city lies close to the French Alps and is the perfect city between an Alpine town and a bustling student city. The city hordes students which make up a third of the entire city’s population. And at that, there is no shortage of young vibes and activities in Grenoble. The excellent and affordable restaurants, bars and cafes, and many other social hubs are available for students in the city.

The city of Grenoble is also a perfect place for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Students can always enjoy an amazing lifestyle outside university campuses. Meanwhile, for students who are introverts, Grenoble has amazing museums such as Musee de Grenoble and Las Musee de la Resistance et la Deportation, which they can visit to learn about history, art, and culture.

In terms of academics, the city is home to some of the highly ranked universities in the world. Courses in engineering, sciences, and businesses, especially MS and MBA courses are the best courses institutions in the city offers.  In particular, Grenoble École de Management is the best school in Grenoble, as well as one of the world’s top business schools.

In addition, the living cost in Grenoble is comparatively higher than other less popular best student cities in France but lower than the popular ones like Paris and Lyon. Students are expected to spend € 1,100 per month on living expenses to live an average comfortable life in the city.

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5. Lille


Located in the north of France near the Belgrade border, Lille is well situated, which makes it a perfect place to embark easily on weekend trips to European capitals like Paris, Brussels, and London. The overall lifestyle of living in Lille might feel like a fairy tale to some students.

The city of Lille is also known as an iconic combination of northern European culture and French urban living. Residents in the city benefit from both traditional, local and foreign delicacies. And in terms of education, IESEG School of Management and Université Catholique de Lille are two highly rated universities in Lile for students.

In addition, the cost of living in Lille is much cheaper than the majority of the best student cities in France. Students can live comfortably in the city by spending up to € 1,000 per month on living expenses.


France is an amazing destination for studying, blessed with beautiful cities. If you want to study in France, the best student cities in France should be the best bet.

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