Top 10 Academic Skills To Prepare You For College

Are you preparing to further your education after high school, knowing the academic skills to prepare you for college will help you stand out when you eventually enter college?

Education is just like a job, and most people are unaware of that. You need a certain level of skills in other to excel in your field. This article covers the top 10 academic skills to prepare you for college.

Academic Skills to Prepare You for College

Below are the top 10 academic skills to prepare you for college

1. Assertiveness

Assertiveness is no doubt one of the academic skills to prepare you for college. It is a skill that helps you stand up and speak boldly for yourself when you ought to.


College is mostly filled with a bunch of bullies and weirdos, being assertive can be all you need to differentiate yourself from the preys these bullies and weirdos step on. It would show how well you love yourself enough not to let anyone ridicule you and get away with it easily

Assertiveness doesn’t necessarily make you too pompous, it makes you aware of the rights of others and willing to settle disputes with others too.

2. Self-Management Skills

Self-management is one of the key skills to prepare you for college, and most of the progress that you’ll attain may be as a result of this important skill. In college, you must be able to manage your thoughts, behaviours, and emotions productively.

As a result of no parental guidance to watch every decision you make and action you take, it’s paramount you know how well to manage yourself for your own sake.

3. Communication Skills

In college, every here and then, you’ll come across professors, advisors, staff members, students, and others who will always want to discuss with you, you should be ready to communicate with different people in different ways occasionally and this can be well accomplished when you have the right communication skills.

If you don’t already have good communication skills, it is best you prep yourself for it, learn it now as it is one of the vital academic skills to prepare you for college.

4. Responsibility

This may not be what you’re expecting to see, but yes, responsibility is an academic skill that means you do things to the very best of your abilities to reach your goal and also account for it.

Responsibility which is another of the key skills you need for your academic success could come in the forms of compassion, accountability, honesty, fairness, and also courage. It will go a long way in the sense that it assures you a sense of purpose.

5. Critical-thinking Skills

The trust is, you’ll barely be able to come out with an excellent grade in college if you lack critical thinking abilities. College requires more cortical thinking than you are already familiar with at high school. You must be able to think on the spot and come up with feasible solutions to problems posed to you.

Critical thinking which is also regarded as one of the academic skills to prepare you for college is never too late to pick up and work before venturing into your college studies. You can start by giving yourself hypothetical life and challenging questions and thinking through the most feasible solutions.

6. Time Management

College is filled up with lots of activities, and for sure you’ll get consumed by it and if you don’t know how to manage your time properly, you will end up doing things irrelevant and less productive.

First, you will need to start by learning how to prepare weekly schedules. Although nobody likes to do this, when you learn how to create schedules like time in class, studying, meals, work activities, and time with friends and arrange them hierarchically based on the level of preferences, you’ll hardly misuse your time.

7. Stress Management Skills

Let me blunt here; college is very stressful. There will always be something that will get you preoccupied once you are in college, especially as a freshman.

I could remember back then when I first entered college, I was consumed with the loads of activities I needed to do. Since freshmen take general courses, there are always lectures to attend, assignments to do, studies to take, and many more. But to balance this stress, you need to take care of yourself; regular exercises, good food, adequate rest, prayer and/or meditation are ways of engaging in self-care that reduces stress

8. Collaboration/Teamwork Skills

In college, collaboration or teamwork skills is one of the academic skills to prepare you for college you need to be familiar with. This will enable you comfortable work together with people towards achieving a shared goal with them.

Collaboration skills entail more than communication, active listening, respect, goal-oriented are some of the things required too. You just have to work on that before heading towards college.

9. Independent Work Skills

In addition to collaboration skills, you also need to be good at being independent and working alone too. Not every work in college requires a collective effort
In fact, in college, you are likely to come across individual work than group work.
So being able to comfortably come up with information, work towards a solution to every problem that comes your way will make you stand out.

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10. Study Skills

When you have worked on the academic skills to prepare you for college, it would all lead you down to the most vital of them all – Study Skills.

Not many the high school students have developed exceptional study skills hi. Knowing how well to read materials, textbooks, take notes, take multiple-choice tests, and use the library are some of the activities that will help improve your performance in the classroom.

Starting now is all you have to do to work on your study skills. You can test yourself from time to time by reading for 4 hours straight, and test yourself.


Now you know these academic skills to prepare you for college, it’ll be best you learn them before you eventually enter college.

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