8 Perfect Reasons To Study In Ghana

Many students outside may not consider Africa, but the reasons to study in Ghana may be all you need to know how wonderful it is to study in Ghana as well as Africa.

Ghana is one of the most prestigious nations in Africa with one of the fastest booming in economy in the whole of Africa. It’s educational system are top notch and one of the best in Africa.

Want to discover the reasons to study in Ghana? Keep on reading.

Reasons to Study in Ghana

Below are the reasons to study in Ghana


1. Quality Education

A report by the World Economic Forum ranked Ghana 46th out of 148 countries for a quality education system in the year 2013-2014. And to add to that, in 2010, the number of graduates in Ghana was 71.5%, with a notable gap between men (78.3%) and women (65.3%). Schools here at Ghana, both high schools and colleges are known to run a quality programs with top-notch teachers.

Every institutions in Ghana have adopted modern-day teaching methods and systems that adds rewarding values to the learning processes in the country. Ghana also boasts of a wide range of outstanding and accredited colleges, polytechnics, and universities, all of which are able to grant degrees to their respective students. Also, you can decide to study in some of the specialized higher institutions, such as the National Film Television Institute, and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration which offers quality education to their students too.

2. Direct Admission

Nothing is as rewarding as reaping the fruits of your labour, especially that of admission. However, it’s not much of an hassle here im Ghana as the admission process is direct and majority of the students who applied to Ghanaian Universities end up securing an admission spot.

For the admission, all that is required from you is West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), there are no meed for other examinations like JAMB, NECO, SAT, NABTEB, IELTS, TOFEL, etc. before you can gain admission into any higher institution here, which is one of the key reasons to study in Ghana.

3. Affordable Tuition

Although tuition fees differ based on the course you’ll be offering and your university of choice , however, the average tuition fees for bachelor’s degree programs in Ghana is between GHS 20,000 and GHS 70,000 per year and GHS 20,000 and GHS 64,000 for master’s degree programs. Now can see the reasons to study in Ghana, keep reading for more.

4. Easy Visa Application

If you’ve tried acquiring a student visa for advanced and popular countries , you will know how hectic the entire process takes, but that is not the same with Ghana. Getting student visa for Ghana is quite easy, and can easily be done either at the Ghanaian embassy in your own country or on the Ghana High Commission website.

5. Internationally Recognized Courses

It is not advisable to attend any institution no matter how affordable it is with no internationally recognized course. Ghana on the other side, has proven over the years to gain international recognition.

Ghana is not an underdeveloped country, it is still developing rapidly and it is one of the most prestigious African nations.

6. Use of English

Just like Nigeria, one of the major reasons to study in Ghana is the use of English there. Ghana boasts of about 17 national languages including other African slangs spoken there, but it adopts English as the official language for teaching and learning.

If you are not a native English speaker, you may have to provide evidence of your English language proficiency. And if you don’t meet the required standards, you can take up a language program in English before applying.

7. Friendly Culture

If you are the type that likes learning about new cultures, then Ghana is a perfect destination for you. It is quite easy to adopt Ghanaian cultures, and also understand the people even as a visitor.

Ghana is a multicultural country that has a wide range of cultures and different ways of live of people. This signifies that there are many things you can learn there like different foods, languages, religions, etc.

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8. Safe Environment

Safety is one of the major factors to keep into consideration when looking for study abroad destination. And Ghana is no exception, which is also one of the reasons to study in Ghana.

Ghana is one of the safest nations in the whole of West Africa. With utmost peaceful environment, Ghana has a favorable weather condition suitable for studying and perfect for living

Popularly referred to as ‘Africa for beginners’, Ghana is an ideal location for people seeking a nice destination to relax and have fun. Ghana also has a tropical climate, with two seasons – wet and dry. Temperatures here in Ghana are fairly constant, having a high of 26 degrees and a low of 23 degrees. 

Now you know the reasons to study in Ghana, it will be the right decision to make if you end up choosing Ghana as your desired place of study.

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