7 Perfect Reasons To Study In France

For a popular study abroad destination like France, there are numerous perfect reasons to study in France. From providing some of the most affordable bachelor and master’s programs to both permanent residents and international students, coming to study in France is a good decision to make.

The reasons to study in France are matchless, and in this guide, we’ll be listing the 7 perfect reasons to study in France.

Reasons to Study in France

Before you consider any abroad destination for your studies, you should always keep a study abroad checklist. The below-mentioned reasons to study in France are of the key factors listed on a study abroad checklist.

1. High-Quality Education Standards

The French education system offers high-quality education to its student, both residents and international students. The universities are globally renowned and over 35 universities in France ranked among the best universities in the world according to various ranking statistics

France boasts over 35000 institutions of higher education which covers almost every area of discipline you can think of. The universities in France are well known as a powerhouse in art, music, research, but there are many other fields you can explore as an international student that is also of a high standard. This includes business, science and technology, and health and sciences.

In addition, due to the internationalization of education in the country, today, you can train in over 1500 programs of different careers taught in English. No wonder France is ranked as the fourth-largest destination for international students, making it one of the perfect reasons to study in France as an international student.

2. Affordable Tuition Fees

The affordability of an institution in any study abroad destination is a key factor that most international students consider before choosing the institution. Unlike most top study abroad destinations, France offers matchless affordable tuition fees to its student, both home-based or residents, and international students.

Citizens from France or permanent residents from EEA (European Economic Area) pay a small token of €170 a year for undergraduate programs and €243 a year for master’s programs, while students taking PhD programs in public universities pay as little as €380 per year.

Although the tuition fee for students outside the EEA is higher, it is much cheaper when compared to similar top international study abroad destinations. Students outside the EEA pay €2,770 per year for a bachelor’s degree and €3,770 for a master’s degree.

3. Numerous Scholarship Opportunities

One of the major obstacles that stop most students from fulfilling their dreams of studying abroad is the unavailability of an adequate budget for their programs. The good news, France is one of the few popular study abroad destinations that offer finance up to 90% of around 75 public universities in the country.

The French government, as well as universities, offer scholarship opportunities to international students to encourage their study in the country. The scholarship option ranges from being partially funded to support tuition fees, to be fully funded.

4. Opportunity to Learn French

And what about learning French? The best and easiest way to learn French is when you study in France.

French is one of the world most spoken languages and the official language of 30 countries across 5 continents. This makes it the third most common business language, and students who learn how to write and speak French automatically increases their chances of landing a big job in the country.

Picking up a new language to learn can be hard, but if you are familiar with English, learning French is easy because of its lexical similarity with English. You can easily learn French by conversing mostly with French speakers, and by taking French learning courses. This is one of the undeniable reasons to study in France.

5. Robust Economy

Apart from education standards, another study abroad checklist to keep in mind when choosing a study abroad destination is the economy of the destination. France economy is one of the leading in the world, currently ranked as the seventh in the world, with an annual GDP growth rate between 1.3%-1.7%.

Just like in other countries, France is currently facing a period of the unstable economy due to COVID-19, but the country’s economy is expected to gain stability before the end of the year 2021, which will take its GDP back to around $2,867 billion.

6. Work and Study Privileges

Before going for an international study, another important factor to check, especially when you are not overly endowed with funds, is the privilege of working while studying. France, just like another top study abroad destination, offers international students the privileges to work while taking their courses.

The French law gives international students the right to work part-time for 964 hours during the year, which is approximately 60% of the legal work hours. Not every study abroad destination offer students this opportunity, so this is one of them for obvious reasons to study in France.

In addition, France opens the door for international students to live and work in the country after completion of their programs. This means that you can be opportune to work in one of the best companies in the world.

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7. Attractive Tourist Destination

When compared to other study abroad destinations, France is the main tourist attraction for millions of people all over the world. Its riches in culture, art, and history make it the perfect destination to uncover a significant part of humanity’s art and culture.

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity for adventure, it involves more than being confined in classrooms and stuck with a mountain of books. France offers some of the most adventurous places, museums, events, and beautiful landscapes to explore.

For the sports lover, apart from the famous France Ligue 1, ‘Le Tour de France’, a race by stages of cycling in a professional route that takes place throughout the country is also another sporting event to explore. If you are a lover of arts like myself, France has extraordinary monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, the Notre Dame Cathedral or the emblematic Eiffel Tower, and many others in the country.

In addition, exploring the beautiful city of Paris is one adventure that you will live to remember even after your studies in France, making it one of the 7 perfect reasons to study in France.


With the above mentioned 7 perfect reasons to study in France, you should understand why a lot of students choose France as their study abroad destination.

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