7 Most Popular Student Holiday Destinations

Are you a student looking for the most popular student holiday destinations to try out during your holidays? Just like workers need a work-life balance, students also need a study-life balance but this can be tougher to achieve especially when you’re in the school environment. You have lectures to attend, research to carry out, take-home assignments to work on, night readings to be part of, there is no better time to enjoy yourself as a student than holidays.

Curious to find out the places where you can get the best memories during your holidays? Keep reading….

Most Popular Student Holiday Destinations

Below are the 7 most popular student holiday destinations to try out as a student whenever you’re on holiday.

1. Ibiza

Ibiza still retains its reputation as a well-known classic clubbing destination. It is hailed as one of the most popular student holiday destinations especially for those looking for a hard nightlife experience with days spent on the soft sand.


Ibiza’s nightlife is quite unmatched with some amazing beaches and of course the warm Mediterranean Sea which is perfect to wash away those hangovers.  And if you want to stay away from a hard nightlife experience accompanied by handovers, they are plenty of picturesque beaches and also quiet spots outside of the common resorts.

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also ranked one of the most popular student holiday destinations that you can visit. The city has lots of features to explore which will make your holidays there worth the time. First, it is impossible to be bored in the ‘Dam.

Furthermore, you can live like the locals and hire a bike which cost a couple of euros per hour, touring the city’s beautiful streets and picturesque network of canals. Just immerse yourself in the city, and you’ll enjoy your holidays there.

3. Albania

If you have are a beach lover like myself, then Albania is no doubt the perfect affordable destination among other most popular student holiday destinations to visit. The beaches of rugged Albania are amazing and they’re picture-perfect, nested in secluded coves which are also lapped by crystal clear waters. The coastline is surrounded by traditional villages, and you can find budget-friendly hotels and restaurants to choose from too.

Students who come here inevitable find themselves staying longer than their duration. You never can blame them. If you come here, you may find yourself doing the same thing – whiling your days on the beach with an ice-cold beer in your hand. After all, Albania is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe to enjoy a lager (or two, you never can tell).

4. Zante

Haven’t heard of the town Zante before? It is an Island located off the west coast of mainland Greece, and if you are staying in the UK, it takes not more than three and a half hours to fly there.

Zante has good weather in the daytime and there are enough clubs and bars to keep excited well into the night.  The town is more popular for group holidays thanks to its affordable fare and hotel packages catering for students who’d rather lavish their money on booze than a room upgrade.

5. Morocco

Do you admire diverse cultures and traditions? Morocco should be your go-to destination amongst other most popular student holiday destinations listed here. The scorching temperatures, snake charmers and Soukhs make Morocco the perfect destination to get the best cultural experience.

Morocco is located in Northern Africa and it attracts students who wish to mix their summer sun-lounging with memories never to be forgotten. Hotel pools are what you’d want to fall back to for relief from a busy day bartering in the market, and day trips to nearby amazing sights will give you forever memories to remember.

6. Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities you can find in Spain. The city’s most famous former resident, Antoni Gaudi, is a highly renowned and well-respected architect, and you’ll see samples of his striking works all over the city centre.

You can also get an amazing experience on a stroll down the famous Las Ramblas, or participate in one of the world’s hottest music festivals, Primavera – it is cheaper than Glasto and most importantly, it’s on the beach.

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7. Thailand

Lastly, you can try Thailand. Although it is slightly farther than other of the most popular student holiday destinations on this list, not exclusively for those with bags of cash.  Thailand is an easily accessible country with varieties. While flight may cost you much, you can travel the country on a shoestring by staying at hotels and also sticking with street food, and most importantly, avoid too many fancy restaurants.

The South Islands in Thailand offer some of the best beaches in the world and the North is mountainous with beautiful jungle landscapes to try out. But, no trip to Thailand would be complete without a visit to the temples.


To get the best from your study abroad or home, you should always go on a trip during your holidays. The above destinations are the top 7 most popular student holiday destinations you can try out. The fun part about these most popular student holiday destinations is that you may likely come across different students from different institutions spending their holidays there too, so you can make new friends and have unique fun that you’re unlikely to experience in your school.

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