7 Best Reasons To Study In Cyprus

Not many are aware of the perfect reasons to study in Cyprus, that’s why this content my be a little bit of a surprise to you. But the fact still remains that Cyprus though not as big in population than majority of the nations in Europe, it is considered to be the best study destination than similar smaller size nations with under 5 million population.

Studying abroad should be a means to explore and discover a lot of cultures, people, language, traditions, etc. and Cyprus is one place where you can achieve all that. Curious to find out the reasons to study in Cyprus? Keep reading….

Reasons to Study in Cyprus

Below are the reasons to study in Cyprus

1. High Quality Education

The level of education here in Cyprus is of high standards and top-notch qualities. It lays emphasis on academic development to ensure that appropriate and effective teaching , adequate, high-quality, assessment and learning opportunities are provided for students to benefit from. In order to achieve this, majority of the universitiea provide access to highly renowned teachers, including quality learning tools, facilities and professional development.


2. Affordable Tuition Fees

Although tuition fees varies across different universities in the country and also depending on the course you want to study, but generally, Cyprus is known to be one of the world’s destinations to acquire a degree with a very affordable tuition fees, keeping the budget to a minimal to allow students from any part of the world gain access to it.

Here in Cyprus, majority of the universitiea offer 50% scholarships for international students, making most of the degrees very affordable compared to other institutions across Europe. The affordability of any study abroad destination is considered a good reason why a lot of students would opt for it, likewise with Cyprus, it’s one of the reasons to study in Cyprus.

3. Increases Language Skills

Cyprus boast over 40.000 international students from different parts of the world, and it has two official languages, including Greek and Turkish. All this can be daunting because of the numerous options to choose as your choice language but as you progress, you’ll be able to pick up if not more than one language to master.

Learning a new language can significantly improve your job prospects. This is as a result of the how high in demand Bilinguals are in the job maeket today. And to add to it, there’s nothing incredibly gratifying when you can express yourself comfortably to locals in their native language.

4. Cultural Diversity

Cyprus is especially diverse in its universities. The facilities, multicultural staffs, and students influences their strength, productivity, and intellectual personality too. This can be a worthwhile experience for students as an introduction to the world as it is a new experience for majority of them.

The exposure students receive here which is one of the reasons to study in Cyprus, increases their capacity for exploring ideas, increase their network, improves their creativity, and help them in making informed and right decisions for their career.

5. Reasonable Cost of Living

Apart from tution fees that can be worrisome, cost of living can be daunting as well. For many international students, the cost of living here is reasonable and quite affordable than most other countries you’d imagined.

Students can get accommodation on campus and off-campus around the city in the Isalnd. The estimated average living cost for international student is 400-600 USD per month, but this is totally dependent on the personal lifestyle of the student. Those who pose an extravagant lifestyle tends to spend weigh more than the the estimated average which is why it’s a good practice to know the money-saving tips as a student .
To live in and study on the island in Cyprus is everyone’s dream, and one of the reasons to study in Cyprus.

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6. It is Safe

Your safety should be one of the reasons to study in Cyprus since it has the reputation for being one of the safest and friendliest places to be in the world. Crime rate is at minimal here which is why it is tourist friendly. Taxis and other medium of transportations are normally safe here in Cyprus, with modern and reliable vehicles available to people.

Generally, Cyprus is a safe country with a little record of crime on the streets than other European countries with similar size. The unmatched fact is that Cyprus is ranked number one safest country among countries under 5 million population.

7. Medical Insurance

Like most popular study destinations out there, every students has a medical insurance that covers their medical charges. With this, the charge for dentists, and other non-medical necessities in state hospitals are extremely low.
You don’t have to worry much about how to go about this, medical insurance is paid along with the residency permit.

Now you know the reasons to study in Cyprus, I believe you can now conclude that Cyprus is by far a very good place for study abroad.

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