7 Best Courses To Study In China

China is the Largest Asian country, it has the record for the most populous Asian country, and there are many best courses to study in China.

China is a contesting world power, it has enriched developed economy. Not until the year 1950, china did not allow westerners and others international student to study. 

But with this permission granted to international students, there has been more than 500,000 influx of international students that want  to study in china’s  developed economy. You may have wondered what course is more lucrative to study in China, so let’s explore the 7 best courses to study in China.

Best Courses to Study In China

Universities in China offers a wide range of courses to choose from, but below are the best courses to study in China if you want the best out there.

1. Computer Science and Technology

China Is vast in technology, computer literacy is hot cake in the country. The course allows students gain knowledge and competence in mastering computer knowledge, network maintenance, programming , construction and management of computer, Virtual realities, applications. China need your skillfulness to produce more technological invention, as a graduate in the field of computer science in china, you can  be unemployed as there are many Chinese companies ready to employ computer scientist. 

Chinese universities teaches computer science practically and also geared towards contemporary innovations. This makes their graduates employable around the globe.

Chinese university that should be your priority are Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotang university and Zheijiang University among others.

2. Clinical Medicine

With modern technology invested in the science industry in china, studying Medicine in china tends to be one of the most lucrative courses for international students and local students alike,  the study of this course focuses on medical treatment, it also involve intensive laboratory research.     Chinese universities offers  you the best chance of fulfilling your dreams of becoming one of the world’s most sought after medical practitioner with experience in the real world. Some of the university in Chinese you choose include; Peking University union College which is a capital Medical University, Wuhan university etc.  

3. International Economics and Trade

China’s Economy is the largest trade country in the world. Studying international economics and trade in china makes you useful in China’s well-designed industries like Logistics, Transport, production of electrical and electronic materials. There is enough materials in Chinese universities to teach you these course extensively from the right case study, statistics, data to teach students about the real world of big business in china. 

International trade and commerce is one of the most secure area of investment, and it has created several employment opportunities and it is still providing more jobs. Shenzhen, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Tianjin are example of cities popular for offering international trade 

4. Business Administration

 This course has to do with expertise in the management of business organizations. With many companies large and small in China, you cant be idle as you will be sought after. Your job after this course includes; manager, Business Advisor, managing Director. You will be taught how to analyze and forecast future business possibilities and ideals, you will learn business administration in china not like every other place because,you will learn every bit technologically.

5. Civil Engineering 

Chinese construction companies are in every country. As a graduate of civil engineering in Civil Engineering in China makes you an expert in railway, roads, polders, waterways, Airports, Bridge Tunnels Constructions etc. 

As an international student you are on the right track learning this course in China, you can get the most lucrative job in China or your home country as civil Engineering is the key to infrastructural development in any country in the world. The construction industry in china has been in existence long enough to gain stability and the right recognition it deserves.

6. Architecture 

Learning architecture makes you noticeable in the real estate industry. With literacy in this course, you learn how to design buildings that are mind-blowing and also meet modern taste. You will learn a course in spatial planning, you learn  

A Chinese study in architecture is designed around projects and makes fabulous use of a innovative  education method. An example of a project from the architecture or engineering program is that students study an environment, building, or house and then give ideas about what it can be used for. 

Learning architecture in country like China gives you automatic ticket to financial freedom as you get high value project from your country (if you’re an international students) and also work with china’s most developed construction company.

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7. Mechanical Engineering

Get real knowledge and the right experience in the Mechanical Engineering world when you study in China.  Chinese universities are known for their outstanding performance in engineering world, and this ranks among be best courses to study in China. China is vast in production and maintenance of machine and appliances. They design and product industrial machine within China and exporting these machine serve as a booster in China’s Economy. 

With a career in mechanical Engineering, you get your presence noticed in industry like Food, Transport, texile industry, etc that looking forward to having industrial machines to aid their works.


Knowing all these best courses to study in China give you an edge over others, as living in china is quite cheaper than most European countries.

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