7 Best Courses To Study At Oxford University

Oxford University as you’d known is one of the top-ranked universities in the world, and knowing the best courses to study at Oxford University can be exactly what you need to get the best education there. The University is also renowned to be one of the oldest universities known to mankind. Its existence dates back to the year 1096, and it’s one of the most prestigious universities known to the world with renowned professors, great facilities, and high standard of teaching.

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Best Courses to Study at Oxford University

Below are the top 7 best courses to study at Oxford University

1. English Language & Literature

Oxford University is one of the best institutions in the world that provide the most comprehensive English language and literature curricula. It is highly renowned for the superb English language and literary courses it offers.


Students study English Literature from its beginning in Anglo-Saxon England till date. They take two classes per week but have loads of assignments and projects to work on during the other days. In addition, students are required to produce around 8 – 10 written works each term. The course focuses mainly on creative writing and this encourages students to develop their own writing styles.

2. Philosophy

Philosophy is one of the best courses to study at Oxford University. There are several philosophy courses offered at Oxford – short-term courses online and long-term degree programs as well.

The short-term online courses are within 10 weeks and the courses take place in a completely virtual environment.  The school’s virtual learning environment runs asynchronously. And for long term, Oxford offers numerous undergraduate and postgraduate courses on philosophy in addition to seminars and high-quality tuitions which provides students with perfect graduate level training which help them to further their studies at the doctorate level. Philosophy students at Oxford generally tend to go for the doctorate studies as well.

3. Geography

Oxford University offers a degree course in geography which focuses mainly on the interrelationships between the societies and the physical environment. Students are introduced to a wide range of geographical topics at the beginning and can later further their studies to specific topics given to them initially.

The study of geography at Oxford which is one of the best courses to study at Oxford University provide students with diverse opportunities to explore the interrelationship between it and other courses like history, sociology, anthropology, sciences, etc.

4.  Modern Languages

The study of Modern Languages at the Oxford University provides students with hands-on experience with written and spoken aspects of the language, including a complete introduction and study of the culture and literature of the language.

For modern language learning at Oxford University, students can choose from philosophy, cinema and gender studies, advanced translation, and linguistics, including other related subjects. 4 students are included in one tutorial at a time and will have to take 3 or 4 lectures per subject every week. 

In the first year, the course consists majorly on oral classes and also studying the grammatical structure of the language. You’ll also take part in seminars and workshop on literature. Then after your first year, the course become more flexible, so you’ll have the privilege to choose exactly what you want to study.

5. Mathematics

For many reasons, Mathematics is known to be one of the best courses to study at Oxford University. It offers a wide range of course options for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including research degrees – which consists of practical and pure mathematics. This can be in the sectors like logic, algebra, geometry, topology, number theory, combinatorics, finance, analysis, biology, physics, numerical analysis, and networking.

Students take around 10 lectures and 2 or 3 tutorials every week, and if you’re interested, you will be provided with hands-on practical in computing and numerical analysis. At Oxford, there are 2 mathematics degree offered by the school – BA in Mathematics which runs for 3 years and MMath which runs for 4 years. Depending on your interest, you can choose which course you prefer to study and whichever one you choose become more flexible after the second year.

6. Medicine

The study of Medicine at Oxford provides students with abundant experience and knowledge that is unbeatable in any other field in the study. Being a doctor demands interacting with variety of patients with different needs, and at Oxford, the course curriculum is focused in a way to help students prepare for the day-to-day activities of a doctor in the real world by assisting them in understanding patient’s needs.

Medicine is undoubtedly one of the best courses to study at Oxford University since the institution offers one of the best medical courses in the world.  At the beginning, the course is focused on the science of diseases and understanding them in depth.  Later on, students will be exposed to more hands-on practical and experiments in their desired field of study.

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7. History

Oxford University which is one of the oldest universities in the world should be your best bet for the study of History. History course here at Oxford is a blend between the examinations of larger regions over long durations (decades, centuries, etc.…) with more concentrated work on shorter periods, small groups, as well as specific themes. Students offering History at Oxford are provided with unique education by helping them develop awareness over various social, cultural and economical structures within past societies and how they form an interrelationship with each other.


The above are the top 7 courses to study at Oxford University. Although there are other great courses too like Linguistics, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Law, Archaeological Studies, and Computer Science that you can study at Oxford University.

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