5 Top Online Universities In California

If you are tied down with activities and can’t make it to campus, online universities just like the top online universities in California is a good option to try out. With the high rate of graduates every year from every part of the world, it is a must for everybody to have a college degree even if it’s just a bachelor degree.

Whether you want to start with a bachelor’s program, or you want to further with a master’s program, these top online universities in California may be all you need to secure yourself that quality education and certification.

Top Online Universities in California

Below are the 5 top online universities in California

1. Bethesda University

Bethesda University is one of the top online universities in California that was founded in the year 1976. This top-rated institution is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.


The university offers programs both at bachelor’s and master’s levels and also certificate programs in diverse areas and specialization. The online programs available in the university include :

Bachelor of Arts in Religion (Biblical Studies,
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
Pastoral Ministry, and Christian Education)
Master of Divinity within the United States and overseas.

For undergraduate programs, the tuition fee costs $29,610 per year while post-graduate programs cost $15,435 per year. Furthermore, Bethesda University has an enrolment of 295 students for it’s online programs, within the total faculty of 288. The student-to-faculty ratio is recorded to be 6 to 1, with an high acceptance rate of 75% as well as 75% graduation rate.

2. California State University-Chico

California State University-Chico is also ranked among the best online universities in California. It is a public university founded in the year 1887, and holds the record as the second-oldest campus in the California State University System housing more than 16,630 students.

The university offers 126 bachelor’s programs and 35 postgraduate degree programs, including 3 online programs. But for the online education, it offers five bachelor’s programs, a post-graduate program, and a certificate program.

California State University-Chico prides itself as one of only four online bachelor’s in religious studies programs in the United States , and the school’s only online master’s in nursing allows California nurses within the rural areas enhance their professional careers and salary potential.

Students offering any of the school’s online program can call with their phone to receive supports from the university, which can be inform of tutoring, job placements, and inquiries. In addition, students residing at the University’s area also attend on-campus seminars to learn more about topics like test planning skills and critical time management.

And for the stats, the online programs has a acceptance rate of 72%, graduation rate of 66%, and online enrollment of over 16,000 students.

3. San Diego State University (SDSU)

Before commencing their online programs here, students may have take a short test, or even view a course tutorial, to decide whether to opt for online education at San Diego State University. The College of Extended Study, approved by the WASC Senior College and the University Board, provides a wide range of hybrid and entirely online classes for both SDSU and non-SDSU students.

Only programs at SDSU include a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a Master’s degree in Education, Public Administration, Hospitality, Public Health, Regulatory Relations, and many more SDSU also has a hybrid master’s degree in recovery counseling which is also a preferred course by many students. There is also an array of career development programs , including forensic psychology,, written grant credentials, and human resource management.

The duration and workload of every online program depends on tje program, including the number of past loans.

Furthermore, if you simply desire to learn new professional skills at SDSU, you can partake in its range of 6-week, non-credit enrichment courses which covers topics like creative composition or photography. However, not all the states in the U.S accept certificates of online degrees from SDSU, so it’s very important do your research to find out which coursework can extended to the place you reside in.

4. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University was founded in the year1899 as an Evangelical University in California, United States, and is accredited to the WASC Senior College & University Board (WSCUC) . It has seven campuses within the southern California, and It’s online division was founded in 2010 as a result of the rising number of students who seek to further their education in a more flexible method.

The university offers diverse degree programs including two degrees online in business Administration and BSN Rn. However, majority online programs are Master’s degree programs, including business.
Management, Hospital Management and Leadership, Educational Technologies, Art Education,, and many more. It also power a Psychiatrist online, too.

Furthermore, what makes Azusa Pacific University exceptional among the other top online universities in California is the online success mentor it offers to each student, and also grant them access to a wide range of other coaches too for support. Students offering online courses here have access to a robust library facility, including 24/7 access to online teachers, a support desk, and a job too.

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5. California State University-Fullerton

California State University, Fullerton is known for it’s top-notch and creative style of education in the United States. The school focuses on ensuing that students are accepted as well as encouraged throughout their enrollment in the school and thet they are helped with a degree of care across the school like no other.

Students are offered courses both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Although many students end up studying on campus, the university provides online programs to students can’t make it to campus but wishes to study at their own rate and convenient time. The online curriculum here is unmatched and up-to-date, and not many of the online universities in California provides this kind of quality education.

And for the stats, the online programs has a acceptance rate of 53%, graduation rate of 74%, and online enrollment of over 31% of its students


Now you know the best online universities in California, if you have access to any of them, do not hesitate to enrol your desired online program there.

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