5 Perfect Reasons To Study in Scotland

United Kingdom houses some of the best places to study of which there are so many reasons to study in Scotland which is part of the UK. Scotland has a high level of education standard, research, and world-renowned universities, and one of the most important reasons to study in Scotland is its affordability when compared to other places in the UK.

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Reasons to Study in Scotland

Below are the major reasons to study in Scotland if you want to further your education in the United Kingdom.

1.  High Education Standard

The quality of education delivered to students, especially international students, is a key factor to keep in mind when considering a place to study abroad. Scotland is one of the few study abroad destinations that don’t discriminate how well they teach their citizens and international students.

The universities in Scotland are globally known for delivering world-leading studies to students and some of the key advances in Scotland universities have led to the innovation of things like keyhole surgery and the MRI scanner.

Some of the top universities in Scotland ranked among the best universities In the world according to Shanghai rankings and Times Higher Education rankings include

  1. The University of Edinburgh
  2. University of Dundee
  3. University of Glasgow

2.  Numerous Course Options

The universities in Scotland have been delivering top-notch education to students since the 15th century, and are thus, regarded as some of the oldest universities in the world. Ever since the 15th century, these universities have gained a reputation in almost every field of study available in any top institutions in the world.

Some of the popular courses of study available in most universities in Scotland span across the field of art, sciences, business, such as

  • History
  • Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Business
  • International Law
  • Asian Studies
  • Computer science

In addition, students interested in specialized pieces of training like the assessment and forecasting of seismic risk, development of computer games and software, and new quantum mechanics discoveries are exposed to the right research facilities to pursue their dreams, which is one of the perfect reasons to study in Scotland.

3. Diversity & Friendly Atmosphere

The United Kingdom generally is one of the places in the world with the highest human diversity. Scotland, which is also a part of the United Kingdom boasts a lot of international students in its universities.

At least 21 per cent of the entire population of students in the Scotland universities are from abroad. 11 of which are from the European Union (EU), while others are from various parts of the world. So, whenever students contemplate why study in France, these stats show the reasons to study in Scotland as an international student.

In addition to the diversity of students present in Scotland’s universities, the friendly atmosphere in the country is quite matchless. The Citizens of Scotland admires international students, welcomes them warmly, guide them regarding everything from studies to choosing the right universities.

4.  Affordable Living Cost

The affordable cost of living in Scotland is matchless and regarded as one of the cheapest in the United Kingdom, and also the world in general.  In addition, the universities in Scotland are till now the cheapest in the UK.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are ranked among the 7 cheapest cities in the UK for international students. Students enjoy an affordable cost of living in these cities ranging from just below 700-1100 GBP/month including low tuition fees.

Although the Department for Student Awards in Scotland (SAAS) pay tuition fees for students from the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), students outside these areas also benefit from a very cheap tuition fee by paying around 9000 GBP/year for tuition.

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5.  Skills-focused Learning

Many universities in Scotland emphasize producing graduates who are highly skilled and ready for the workplace.  These universities keep their class sizes as small as possible to allow one-on-one time with lecturers. The lectures then ensure that the students understand the theoretical concepts, and also guide them practically on how to fill any skill gaps.

In addition, science and medical students are introduced to the laboratory during their first term in school, while students studying business, media, and tourism get real-world experience through placements and internships. This ‘skill-focused learning approach helps the transition of students from higher education to the world of professional roles.


With the above-mentioned reasons to study in Scotland, you should now understand why Scotland is one of the favourite places in the world to study abroad.

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