4 Best Apps For Learning Spanish

Do you seek to become bilingual? Picking up Spanish to learn is never a bad decision to take, besides, there are some best apps for learning Spanish that can help simplify your Spanish language learning journey.

Reasons to Learn Spanish

1.  Most Common Widely Spoken Language

Spanish opens a wide range of doors that allow you to discover the world of opportunities. It is the native language of 400 million people around the world.


Spanish is the official language in over 20 different countries, and more than 550 people from all over  

2. It Opens Opportunities

As a popular language, Spanish help improve the experience you’ll get during your journey. It shows respect to those who are native speakers in the country you visited and they love it. It will make your traveling a whole lot easier and fun.

3. It Helps Improve English

According to research from the University of Missouri, when Spanish-speaking kindergartners develops a better understanding of Spanish letters and numbers, it drastically increases their English skills significantly.

Spanish has related vocabularies with English, and whenever you take up lessons on it, it can help you become a better English speaker along the way.

4. It Can Land You Dream Job

As always, becoming a bilingual can help skyrocket your chances of landing an amazing ob. In fact, there are numerous jobs out there with fat pay that clearly states the need of people with more than one language on their job requirement. All you have to do is ace your Spanish language studies and become one today.

Best Apps for Learning Spanish

1. Duolingo

Duolingo has been at the corner for a very long time now and is renowned as one of the best apps for learning Spanish. It is available for download in both Google Play Store and Apple Store, and one of the fascinating things about this free app is that it allows you to learn for 5 minutes per day with a game lesson to try out which makes the entire learning process easy and very comfortable, especially for beginners.

You can enjoy yourself and have fun while learning with Duolingo, it’s was formatted to play a game course and is most popular amongst the best apps for learning Spanish. Beginners earn a point for correct answers. Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive.

Before you start your learning journey with this app, set how many times you wish to learn each day. In Duolingo, you can easily follow the linear learning path which is well structured. In as much as you will be tempted to skip some class unit to do exercises, you may end up struggling with harder levels. Therefore, it is important you follow each stages strictly.

Furthermore, with Duolingo interactive interface, you can get feedbacks to help you enhance your Spanish skills. With a free daily gift of 1500 commonly used words by Duolingo, your Spanish learning journey can never go wrong with the app.

2. Busuu

Busuu is yet another beginner-friendly app for learning Spanish. It is highly customizable and allows you to choose the topic you’re interested in. This amazing app offers all the Spanish language courses with more than a hundred units in the Spanish course.

And with their AI-powered pronunciation exercise and dialogue produced by Spanish experts, you will have a better learning experience with the app. And you can practice with their online community too.

Busuu app helps you improve your vocabulary with Busuu vocabulary trainer. It also enables you to learn Spanish words and review all the words you’ve learned.

3. Memrise

Memrise can be used to learn Spanish at from the beginner’s level up to the pro level. It is one of the best apps for learning Spanish words, basic grammar, vocabulary, and phrases.

This ap builds up your Spanish skills gradually and it is one of the best apps for learning Spanish that can help you gain the language mastery with confidence.

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4. LingQ: Language learning.

LingQ is ranked as one of the best apps for learning Spanish, and it is available for download to both Android and IOS users via Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store respectively.

This app guides the learners through the language study in the real world and it allows you to privilege to study and review your progress. LingQ also has more than 1000’s hour Spanish audio lectures with suitable transcripts, and you can get all majority of these cool features on the offline mode.

LingQ powers a podcast and well documented authentic text which users of the app can listen to, read at their convenient time.  The apps allow you to import custom content which you can turn into an interactive course for yourself.

Furthermore, the app comes with an inbuilt mini-stories feature where users can have fun by listen to and reading them. These mini-stories have been recorded by native Spanish speakers alongside translations for better understanding by learners. Upon your completion of these stories, you will be able to easily identify grammar patters and learn the proper Spanish vocabulary.


With the best apps for learning Spanish at your disposal, the process of learning Spanish will be as easier than you can ever imagine. Over the years, the 4 best apps for learning Spanish listed on this article has proven to be the best choice for learning Spanish by a lot of people from all over the world.

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